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supporters & partners


silver dory productions would like to warmly thank our amazing collaborators, partners and friends for their unwavering support of the BRINDABELLAS project. In particularMarcus Hooper, Andy Heaney, Anne Garzoli, Shannon Reddaway, Phil Ryan, Adam Blackshaw, Steve Rushworth, Victoria Taylor-Gore, Greg Connors, Vicki van der Moezel, Brett McNamara, Helen Ryan and Alexandra Pelvin.

Andy Heaney’s contribution to the BRINDABELLAS | edge of light soundtrack was supported by funding from the ACT Government.

RED Digital Cinema

Special thanks to RED Digital Cinema for making the 4K infrared motion required for BRINDABELLAS possible (and featuring the project on – particularly Dan Baum for organising our modified full-spectrum Epic-X.

silver dory productions looks forward to working closely with our key supporters and partners to further develop and promote full-spectrum film making in the future.

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